Mission and Vision

Vision and objective of Utkarsh Foundation

The Vision and main objective of the formation of the Utkarsh Foundation are to become a medium in the way to build our nation as a developed country by uplifting our society’s status and level.

Missions of Utkarsh Foundation

The dream to see our country as a fully developed country cannot be fulfilled unless and until if our society is not strong and its level is not high. So, to fulfill the vision (main objective) of Utkarsh Foundation, this foundation is dedicated and aligned towards doing activities in certain below-mentioned activities so-called missions.

Missions (Main activities)

To create awareness among the public about population control and its benefit for themselves and the nation.
To provide education to poor and uneducated children.
Enhance employment by providing self-employment training to underprivileged citizens for improving the status of the citizens.
To impart skill development programs on technical services.
Women empowerment, abolition of Child Labour.
Pieces of training to Girls for their own safety in adverse situations and worse conditions.
To take care of ignored and needy old-aged senior citizens.
Healthy life to all.
To promote awareness in the society, to safeguard natural resources, and environmental protection.
Plant trees to reduce global warming.
To promote and do research and development in the field of green and renewable energy.